About Us

Golden Element is an internationally renowned GPS Tracking and Internet of Things (IOT) solutions provider approved by the Saudi Communications and Information Technology Commission, offering world-class GPS Tracking and IOT solutions that help people in tracking and overseeing Vehicles, Students, Field Workers, Diesel Generators, Batteries, Solar panels, ATMs, and Industrial Machines.

Golden Element offers real-time live tracking, history with playback, numerous alerts, fleet management, and a variety of reports that significantly improve your business's performance and customer service.


Customers are provided with professional GPS and IOT solutions.

To provide best and most competitive pricing in comparison to the competitors.

To keep a keen eye on product and technology trends and to follow those.


We always work in an ethical and professional manner, and we govern our business with integrity.

We conform to the "Customer is King" philosophy, so we are highly focused in customer needs.

We value customer collaboration over contract negotiation as we are responsive, approachable, and friendly.

We are skilled at what we do, so we would rather Do than Talk.

We strive to achieve our goal of customer satisfaction.

Meet Our Team

We believe in a diverse range of personel to bring creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to the table.

  • DR.EISSA AL HARTHANI General Manager More than 30 years Experience in various technical and managerial roles in Environmental Consulting and Meteorology presidency General manager of the environmental inspection
    WAEl Director Sales Having vast experience in sales and customer support for the first 9 years around the globe, he suits director position.
    Mohamed AL -Tormozi Site Engineer With more than 3 years of experience in site support for installation and customer support for technical issues looking for challenges in big projects
    Shady fawzy Mohamed IOT Technical Manager As a project engineer in Tabuk municipality With an experience of applying advanced tracking solutions for heavy trucks in cleaning projects, worldwide advanced IOT solutions.
    Mohamed magdy Project Engineer Bridging of project and client as project enginee, and playing major role of communication for the customer satisfaction as well as improvement in a project.
    JAFER Technical Engineer Technical support Engineer having sound knowledge in both software and hardware sides for the past 5+ years.
  • SYED ZIAUR RAHMAN Technical Delivery Manager 18 years of experience in Network management System, IDS, DPI and inflight broadband system. Technical Management – Technical Proposals, Dependency Tracking & Resolution, etc..
    MOHAMED AZARUDEEN.L Software Technical Architect 5+ years experience as Java developer,J2EE,Web technologies and My-SOL database.Hands-on Experience in Amazon web server.Good at creating restful API's.
    MOHAMMED AZARUDEEN.M Software Developer A programmer with more than 4 years of experience in our strong software Develper Team with firm knowledge in JAVA, Angular JS, SQL and more backend applications.
    MANIGANDAN SETTU Junior Software Developer Software Developer with sound knowledge in HTML 5, CSS 3, BOOTSTRAP, Angular JS and Metronics accustomed to our team for the past 2 years plays a major role in it.
    RAHMATHULLAH Sr.Graphic Designer Lead Designer with 6+ years of experience in Adobe design Programs, CorelDraw & Recent Multimedia Tools with the core of creativity and Enthusiasm towards our goal.
    Mohammed Arkam Sr.Embedded Engineer 4+ Years experience as Embedded Engineering in Hardware processing and control. Indentifying devices for IOT projects and performing an R&D process.
    Abdulla.S Sr.System Administrator 7+ years of experience in system and network administrator. Expertise in Windows and Linux platforms. AWS cloud server maintenance and service.ERP configuration with customization.
    Mohamed Ibrahim Sr.HR Manager 12+ years experience in Pre-HR and Post-HR portfolio.Strategic Human Resource Management & HR Business Partner.Recruitment, Talent acquisition and resource development.